Welcome! (Before entering the parking lot, please call 67207003)

SIA „ AVIAMED ” clinic (LatCode 8076-00023, Reg.Nr.40003029987) is a leading outpatient diagnostic and aviation medical examination institution in Latvia. We employ certified professionals who quickly undergo an extensive and complex examinations with a unique and modern hardware.

Admission of patients strictly by appointment! => +371-67207003

In July and August the clinic is open 9:00 - 13:00 Tuesday and Friday!.

You will be consulted and treated by appointment:

  • internist (therapist)
  • otolaryngologist
  • occupational doctor
  • surgeon
  • neurologist
  • oculist
  • dentist, prosthetist and others

electrocardiography, Veloergometry, audiogram and other types of examinations, as well as clinical and biochemical laboratory examinations you will receive quickly.

Vaccination is carried out. Provided massage services, as well as access to physical therapy procedures. In dental cabinet, with modern hardware, you will receive assistance from qualified doctors. There are also orthodontist and hygienist services. After the patients' medical examination, expert commission issue a conclusion on compliance with the work of any specialty, including aviation professions.

We issue certificates for driver licenses and weapon possession. We are actively working with health insurance companies: „ Balta”, ”Balva”, ”ERGO”, ”Gjensidige”, ”BTA”, „AXA”, „Seesam”, ”Compensa”, ”IF” u.c.

Clinic is located in the territory of airport "Rīga", in hotel "Sky High" building.

Accessibility for people with disabilities is difficult because of the unique design of the building.

The order for car entry into clinic's parking lot: Leave the car in front of a barrier, without interfering the passage for other vehicles and contact the reception by phone 67207003..